Tinker Watches was started in 2015 by a group of people looking for a watch.





We wanted a watch that was clean and timeless without being too serious (minimalism, schminalism), thoughtfully-detailed without overt branding (no giant logos, thank you), attainably-priced yet still well-constructed (we'll charge $150, they'll charge $600); a watch that was for the every person and every occasion—  accessible online without noise or fuss. We couldn't find one. So we designed one ourselves. 

We started sourcing—scouring tanneries from the U.S. to Australia, finding factories in China that machine the highest-grade steel, and testing movements from Japan to Switzerland. After finding the best producers and materials, we built a website that makes the buying experience straight-forward and simple: You choose the size, strap color, and finish. This is Tinker.