International Duties & Taxes



Why am I being charged Duties and Taxes?

We charge duties, taxes, and other fees according to Canadian Customs and Government. All prices, duties, taxes, and other fees are quoted in US dollars.

You will receive a price quote for shipping fees including duties and taxes and other fees during checkout. The price quote for duties, taxes and other fees is based upon the national laws of the country to which the order is shipping. All shipping fees, duties and taxes, and brokerage fees will be paid at the time you place your order.

By ordering goods from, you hereby authorize a licensed customs broker chosen by PUMA to act as your agent and transact business with your local customs office to clear your merchandise and account for duties, taxes, and other fees.

If you are returning a purchase you may be eligible for a refund of a portion or all of the duty and taxes. Contact your local customs office for a return of duties and taxes.