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“It’s like you’re a grown up woman now!”

I love this watch. It’s comfortable sleek, understated, and modern. I find myself leading with my wrist in front of mirrors and windows so I can catch a glimpse of the watch and think, Who’s that girl!, before following into frame and seeing, Whoa it’s me! My coworkers have constantly complemented my new Tinker treasure. My favorite comment? “It’s like you’re a grown up woman now!”

Luke is awesome!

Hi! So happy to have my watch back - I love it! Have to say that Luke is a class act and super helpful! It's a pleasure doing business with your company. Now if you could only teach this type of service to other companies....:) Thanks!

Camel Standard Strap

38mm Silver Watch Green Standard Strap

No Preorder Available

I appreciate how easy it was to purchase a card but am disappointed that my wife cannot ‘pre-order’ The Watch she wants that is out of stock. It is disappointing that there is no estimated time as to when the 34mm in gold will become available

I love my Tinker watch!!

I just received my sleek new watch and I love it!! Not only do I love it, I think Tinker, as a company, is incredibly impressive! Their customer service was amazing, and the order process, clear and easy.

Superb customer service!

My experience with Tinker was truly great. They were available to answer questions about restocking the watch I wanted, and kept me in the loop (through a personal email!) once it was available to purchase. I am so happy with my timepiece, and am looking forward to my next purchase of accessorizing the bands!

38mm Copper Watch Black Standard Strap

Camel Standard Strap

Sleek and minimal

The watch is minimal with unique features such as the faceted edge and thick face. Love the look!

Excellent Product, Excellent Team

I couldn't be happier with Tinker. I've been wearing their products for years and I get compliments on my watch almost every day. A shipment issue arose this past week on a new order, and the team was incredibly responsive and accommodating. I will be definitely wear the products for a very long time.